To Be Remembered.

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Mad Men

I think that I have learned many things from this show, but the one thing that is most obvious to me is that I hate Don Draper. He is an awesome ad man and all, but Dr. Miller was absolutely perfect for him and he did his usual idiotic thing. O:JFEIONFIODFS)F(*H*)E#()(@!!#@(#($#*$)#$(#_AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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God fights for us.

We always hear that God will always be over us, watch over us and protect us. We accept it as a fact or truth and go on with our lives. I learned today exactly why it is that God will always be with us and protect us. Jesus is with us and in us and Jesus is God’s son. If something were to happen to us, then Jesus would also be in the same situation, considering that Jesus is in us. God fights for us, because he is also there to protect his own Son as well as us. The exchanging of sons in our covenant with God makes this happen and it is truly amazing to believe in. 

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Separated, but still together.

Long distance relationships are not fun. Living at home is not fun, but there is a point to it all and it is awesome to be going into all of this, knowing why. The time that we will end up spending away from each other will be a time for us to grow ourselves. We will both grow to be more confident and independent among other things, but the reason behind the change is not because of our separation, but because we WILL learn to depend on God more during our time away. We have become comfortable being together and so it’s now time to become comfortable away from each other. As we go through our respective credential programs and lives, we will each face different types of problems unique to our situation. We will be broken down and crushed by life like usual, but we won’t always physically be there for each other like before. We will now have to learn to look elsewhere for comfort and strength and I KNOW that we will get through all of this because of God’s faithfulness and love. It won’t be because we are such a good couple and perfect for each other or love each other so much but it will be because we will learn to look to God for comfort and strength and satisfaction before we come together and do that for each other. We can only comfort and strengthen each other so much through our own efforts, but if we are fully satisfied by God, then we will be able to do that for each other infinitely. There will be a time where we will never be separate again, but until then, we will look to God for strength and comfort before trying to get the needed satisfaction from each other.